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Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Isn't it awesome to consider that there is another side of life; even in this realm we call 'life'; to think that there is a place in our mind, in our be-ing, where there is no fear, no sickness, no death; only peace, health and eternal life. What boggles the human mind is that this all exists within us. This is our rightful heritage. We come into this realm innocent, free and pure. But as we get older, we are programmed by parents, situations and circumstances that come our way and as we journey through the years, we believe that this is the way it is, and so we become fixed in that state of existence. We hold this in consciousness and so we carry the very nature of what formed it.

Then one day, something happens. Someone from another realm, the One who created life shows up to reveal a whole new world; a whole new way and says that what we have believed in and thought for so many years, is not the way its supposed to be, for it brings sickness, sorrow and even death. In other words, there's a way that seems right to the human being, but the end of that way of thinking ends in death, because the principles set up in the universe when engaged, eventually lead to death.

When you respond to the calling of God's Spirit and you 'accept Jesus into your heart', He not only comes into your 'heart, He comes into all of what you presently call and know as "life" and unveils His Life in you. He then takes you from your life into His. In other words, what Christ, is, has been given to you. Christ has taken possession; you're no longer the owner of who you think you are. Jesus the Christ paid a gruesome and agonizing death on a cross and paid the price to give you the right to a personal relationship with Him so that someday, when you pass on out of this life, you will spend eternity with Him in peace and joy. The life He gives you is one of holiness, purity, peace and light. His life is prosperity, wholeness and health.

When He reveals Himself in your life, your receive His resurrection from the realm of this death, to resurrect you from the "dust of humanity; it's life and ways of anger, lust, greediness and self preservation. The old life must first be 'burned' away, so that He can manifest His life through you.

Thus begin the 'wars' and rumors of 'wars, earthquakes in distinct places from within to destroy the old 'world' with us so that the real world that has always existed within can come forth. These things are to remove the seals to reveal the way that it really should be and the way that it has always been, that who and what you have always thought you were is in actuality a mistaken identity; an illusion' a lie.

So then, what is Truth? Truth is nothing more or nothing less than personal perception and belief according to individual understanding. What is truth to one, may not be truth to another. We're not talking about just spiritual things, we're talking about everything in this realm of living. But what then is truth? There must be an absolute in here somewhere. Truth about everything exists beyond personal interpretation, perception and understanding. You can't define it in personal terms. Truth just is. It goes beyond preaching salvation, and even far beyond the acknowledgment of 'Law versus Grace'. All these combined are but a culmination of one thing; Truth. Truth itself is a law of correction and is a destroyer to very belief or concept unlike itself. It is Divine principle settled in heaven forever. It is simply Light (awakening, awareness, understanding) overpowering the darkness (unawareness and ignorance) into the nothingness that it is.

Our Creator comes to correct, to put an end to the matters of things out of line on the earth. He corrects the things of the earth and it's people with His Truth. He does this through righteousness. All His commandments are sure. They will remain the same forever. They are done in Truth; the way He always intended for them to be. The dictionary states that truth is conformity to knowledge or fact; the actuality of something; the real state of affairs; reality.

We are of the household of faith. In our Father's House, there are many mansions; abidings; states of relationship with Him. He is our Father and if you have a relationship with His Son Jesus Christ, you are of His Household; His family. If this is so, then your Father is Teaching you lessons in Truth; Unveiling Himself in reality. These lessons in Truth are called 'judgment', or correction; His mercy and His loving kindness.

To whatever degree a man thinks and believes, so he orders his conduct and so he attracts to himself through desire, the environment in which he moves. So what a man holds dear, so also, in the very center of his being it will be also. The reality of Truth has been revealed in the person of Jesus of Nazareth, the Living Christ, the Savior of the world. His way, His Truth and His Life are the only way to eternal life in God.

God loves us so much that He wants us to have His Mind, His mental disposition. That's why He created us in His Image and Likeness. To be like our Father. He desires us to have the knowledge of His will, His Wisdom so that we can be like Him in this earth. To show His love and mercy for all of His beautiful creation, mankind. The inspired writings state that He stands among us; the family of deity, Divinity; the Godly, His children. He governs and corrects among them. He also states that if we don't take our rightful place in the earth and be as He is and demonstrate His Love and Character, that we are no better off than those who dwell in the darkness of spiritual ignorance.

Learning about these wonderful truths is one thing. Living and functioning in them is yet another. Not in human mental acceptance, but performance in spiritual power. How can that happen? We are transformed into the Image of Christ by the renewing of our mind. How? By first of all, having a personal encounter that leads to relationship with Christ, talking with God through prayer and reading the Book of Life so that we can learn His ways and ways of thinking.

So in all these things we are taking a journey of transformation; a renewing of our mind; a paradigm shift, (a mental image that we have in our mind of the way things are). These are images we carry in our head of reality which are controlled by our sub-conscience mind. These images come from our background and our own experiences. They represent the assumptions of our lives. We think we see the world as it is, but in reality, we see the world as we are. Self imaged perceptions of everything according to us. We are describing ourselves and projecting it on the outside. How you see something affects how you feel; your attitude. Paradigm is more important than attitude or behavior, even though these are important. The quickest way to change someone's behavior is to change their paradigm, controlled by their subconscious (the way they unknowingly look at things); to change the map of themselves; who they see themselves as, so they can see other things differently; a change of role, a change of name (character, nature, identity) so that the good, agreeable and perfect will of God our Father can be manifested in our lives. The work was finished before the foundation of the world and we are encouraged to rest in that Truth. So be it. The Truth is One; and that Truth is Christ.

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