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The Secret Place of the Most High

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

The Secret Place of The Most High

When I finally am alone, and silence fills the room, I can sense tranquility all around me.

Ah, the beauty of Quiet and Peace. Thank you my silent friends, for bringing me a sense of endlessness. No beginning and no end; no boundaries. No one can touch me here.

No one can persuade me with their selfish wants and needs; their ideas or words to mold me; for I am already made; formed from the nothingness of the unseen and from the flow of God's Eternal Being.

Ah, the wonders, yet frail existence of the lower realm called 'self' that tries to keep me in the clutches of its weakness, its insecurities and it's void; it's vacant habitation. Where does it lead but to an end; a finality of no beginnings.

I am being; all else is a journey and yet, I have already left and arrived, for all is complete in the flow of your Great Spirit.

Oh how I love to be alone with you my Savior. Praise your Holy Name. What a beautiful place you are my God.

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