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The Sacred Journey of the Soul

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

Many of us go to church to hear a good 'preach', to witness the 'gifts' in operation. Some even go to church to be 'entertained' But the 'church' is every wounded and hurting soul in this world that is crying out for something they don't understand much less know how to find. We must help them find it by what we have graciously been given; the Way (to real hope and peace, the Truth (the way mankind will truly be free inside and out) and the Life (the life that our God has always wanted us to live), and that is through a personal and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, the Savior of us all. We are a sacred people on a sacred journey, children of a Sacred God.

So then, what is, ‘life’? Really. Is it being prosperous, being healthy and not having to worry about anything? That’s part of it, but we could have all these things and still die one day. It doesn’t matter how many books we’ve read, how many tapes we’ve listened to, how much prosperity you’ve gained, or even how many healings you might have affected. This is still not the main issue. So then, as mentioned in another text, 'Life is not getting and having, but being and becoming'. People will remember who and what we were, not by our gifts and what we possessed in this life. In the garden of God that we are, there is a Tree of Life, and there is only one type of fruit that this Tree bears...Life! That Life is the Life of Christ within you. It is a Spirit, an attitude, a personality, a state of being that elevates, loves and makes whole all that it touches. Such was the example of our loving Savior when He walked on planet earth. Since the Son has Life, then He is the source of Life. He is the Christ and now He is a many-membered body, manifested through many lives, which should include you and I. Jesus was the totality, the image and likeness of His Father. In other words, the Son appeared in the glory of His Father.

In this ‘natural’ life, many are the times when we don’t feel or experience that we are manifesting the character of Jesus. One of the reasons is that we have been religiously taught that Christ is an entity outside of us or separate from us. You are God’s son but have not the image of His son in your mind. He already knew us before we were even in our mother's womb. He brought us here for a reason and a purpose that He already had planned out. He even put gifts and abilities that were necessary for us to accomplish our purpose. We are taught to believe that we now have the form of man, and someday in the ‘sweet by and by’, we’ll have a gloried body of light. In reality, we are radiant beings of Light in a ‘natural’ body. We’ve even heard some Christians say that we are the image and likeness of God in the flesh now with all our weaknesses and wounded souls wherein lie unforgiveness, lust, bitterness and such.

Sometimes it’s rather amazing how many interpretations of the scriptures there are because of man’s traditions and interpretations. It reminds me of an old proverb:

There were 5 blind men who were asked to describe an elephant. The first blind man was standing at the tail that he was holding and stated, “An elephant is a tail.” The one touching the ear said, “An elephant is an ear.” The one standing by the side grabbed a foot and said, “An elephant is a foot.” Of course, the one holding the trunk said, “An elephant is a trunk.” The one who had the tusk said, “An elephant is a tusk.” The point is that the blind men only ‘saw’ from the position that they were placed at and only ‘saw’ a small portion of the whole and had their own interpretation according to ‘perception’. Its rather sad to realize that many Christians today only see the Truth from the standpoint where they have been ‘placed’ and only see what either they have been told or perceive only a portion of the Words of Truth that Jesus spoke.

God’s Holy Spirit is generating and awakening a new generation of sons and daughters that He is taking beyond what Jude 3 states as ‘common salvation’. He is raising up a generation of believers that are mentioned in Hebrews 6:1-3. I encourage you to look at this for yourself and come to your own conclusion. The scripture is very plain about what it says.

Not too long ago, the following scripture kept being spoken to my spirit over and over throughout the day; I heard Psalms 150:6 “Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord! Praise ye the Lord!” I realized that there is a lot more to this precious scripture than I had known. His is the Alpha and Omega...He is the beginning of every situation in the believer’s life and the end of that situation to take you on to the next. He is the author and finisher of that state of grace, that level of faith, laying aside every weight that might keep us 'down' and keeps us from growing spiritually. As we go deeper and deeper into our faith walk, the problems and challenges are minimized and set aside as you look to Jesus, the Living Word of God! You less and less lean upon your own human understanding and more and more you acknowledge His ways and His promises, and there He directs you into His wonderful will and Kingdom.

We go from faith to faith and from glory to glory. With each level of faith comes a new experience, a new glory; a new manifestation of the spiritual being of light that we truly are in Christ. There is a glory of the terrestrial (earthly) and a glory of the celestial (heavenly) I Cor 15:40. The glory that is unveiled in your inner man is manifested in your outer man to bring light and to bless the situation and everything involved in it. Adam was created to dance in the clay! To delight in the glorious opportunity of incarnation! To explore the realms of matter, blessing the earth and all therein! This is the reason for the children of God! This is why God created us in His own image, in His own likeness! As mentioned before, God wants to bless His family! God wants to bless His creation! He has empowered His own with the capability to bless all things, for all things are possible to them that believe!

God has much more for us than common salvation and this very important, and this is the beginning! How can we believe that God is just going to take us to heaven and let the world He created for us to deteriorate and die? God is getting ready to give you abundant life! It’s going to be in your water, in your food, in the air that you breathe! It’s going to come right into your environment and God will even seal your physical body in these last days!

The Holy Writing declares that He drove out the money changers from the temple, did He not? The thieves and the robbers that would desecrate the temple of God. He is also taking the human frailties and weaknesses out of us, to being us to the holy temple that we truly are! The writings are plain about this. His temple is a house of prayer. His temple is a house of faith and righteousness, peace and joy, for Jesus said that the Kingdom of God is within you and I! He is peace, so peace belongs to us! He is prosperity, so prosperity belongs to us! And all that belongs to us, He has commanded us to freely give to others, as He has by His marvelous grace given to us. He is the Vine and we are the branches. He is Life, Peace, Love and prosperity and we are the extensions of all these things. This is not something that we can do on our own, because without Jesus the Christ living in us, we can do nothing!

Glory to the Son of the Most-High God forever! He is going to arise and the enemies that have touched His people are going to be scattered! He is getting ready to get into the very bloodstream of His people! He’s not just going to appear in the heavens somewhere and His people are just going to be suffering in this environment, and that every now and then we’re going to feel His anointing! Children of God that’s not all we’re ordained to walk in! God is getting ready to bring His people to Zion! The Mountain of God! He is getting ready to put His people in an environment that man cannot see with his physical eye, or understand with his limited, carnal mind! There is a dominion that is getting ready to come all around you! You’re going to walk in the fire of God and that fire is going to walk in you! You’re going to walk in the Light, and the Light is going to shine through you, and the Light of His Word is going to diminish the very powers of the darkness! Not for us to walk around thinking that we've arrived and are better than everyone else? Not even! It's so we can walk in humble obedience before our God and be an example to others who are silently crying out for something to help them and to finally give them peace of mind. We have a mission. And that is to bring salvation of soul and spirit that we have graciously been given, by the Only One who can give it! Jesus the Christ!

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