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The Inner Kingdom

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

The Inner Kingdom

Its been mentioned, that there is a higher way to live upon this earth to where we have been given the privilege to reach into eternity; to learn, think and accomplish what people call, “the impossible”. Some of us don’t grow and prosper because we are afraid of the unknown. We can’t see it or touch it, so we’re afraid of it because it exists beyond our 5 senses. Surely, this is where where our Creator is; in the ‘unknown’, because in reality, the unknown does not harbor fear; it only holds possibilities.

Anything can be accomplished if you dare to believe and dare to act on it with tenacity. There are no impossibilities when you have a personal relationship with God! You have all of heaven backing you up. That's an awesome thought, right? They only exist because we give them power through our own belief system with its human frailties and its limited thinking and limitations. If you believe, then you, are above every thought or weakness that you consider prevalent in your life that would imprison you and rule over your life. In the spiritual awakened being that you are, then you will live a perpetual holy life reproducing after its own kind, but that depends on what kind of thinking you focus your attention on.

There are those of us who profess to be believers in the power of Christ, but few of us have learned to go where He is; beyond the mortal senses. We profess to be in the Kingdom of God, but every kingdom has its rules and regulations that the highest King has commanded those in His Kingdom to live by. The words that our King speaks, they are Spiritual, beyond the limitations because of our mindsets and they are Life; life beyond the natural and into the supernatural.

There is an abundant life that Jesus said is available to us, but few of us have truly learned to tap into it, simply because we always want something from the King rather than wanting something for the King. If we seek to do things the right way, think the right way, then the universe goes to work on your behalf to bring those things required to you. Now don't misunderstand this to mean that we do nothing towards accomplishing those things. It means that whatever things we do, we put our heart into it, rely on God's guidance and direction necessary for accomplishment. He knows the way, who to connect you with and the time we'll be ready to receive by preparation.

So in whatever activity you engage in, give it your best, be there fully in consciousness, which will draw you into the presence of God, or the 'eternal now', if you will. Focus your attention entirely into the present moment. In that perfection, you will experience God’s fullness for that moment. We penetrate the darkness of the unknown with the power and Light of faith and obedience, in the character of His written and spoken Word, so that His perfect will be manifested, revealed and unveiled in us, through us and around us! We can find rest in that, if we learn to trust and believe that all things are possible!

To engage our Creator in what we do, we must communicate with Him through personal prayer. He will give us supernatural answers and help when we wait for an answer and with what is going to be required for our journey Acknowledge God’s omnipresence in every act. This is alignment of spirit, soul and body, when harmony with all things occurs; when two become One to bring Him right into the middle of your endeavor. Just be certain to do things with good intention and not for greedy or selfish reasons. When that is done, eventually, we lose.

I remember when I was watching the Summer Olympics several years ago, when my wife and I were watching the ladies’ swimming event. There was a young swimmer who was in 6th place. Her chances of winning were very slim. She was competing against some very strong swimmers. As the events unfolded, she began to gain position. They were in the final heap and at the end, she had come from 6th place to a gold medal! When she was being interviewed, they asked her how she could have possibly come all the way from 6th place to winning a gold medal! Then she answered boldly before millions of people all over the world: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!” I almost fell off my chair and the commentator didn’t know whether to faint or wind her watch! This bold, professing believer had gone beyond her self and had reach beyond into the unknown! Into the unknown where God is; into the realm of eternity where all things are possible!

If you believe the Holy Writings, then you must believe that in Christ dwells the fullness of the Godhead and we are complete in Him. We must believe that of His fullness have we all received. We must believe that we have the Mind of Christ (what a mind joggling thought!) We must believe that as He is so are we in this world. We must believe that He is the Father of Lights and we are children of the Light. We must believe and stay in that belief that we are created in the Image and Likeness of God. That we are in Christ, that Christ is in God and that Christ is in us! We are of the household of faith and nothing is impossible to us… as long as it is done to glorify Him!

Life is not getting and having but being and becoming. Engage the energy! Find the fullness of each day that is gracefully given.

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