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The Hidden Kingdom

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Kingdom Light – Heaven and Earth

The Hidden Kingdom

Have you ever been outdoors on a warm, peaceful night, looked up at the sky and saw a cover of silver clouds above you? Yet as beautiful as this seemed, a warm wind begins to blow, and begins to slowly drift the clouds away. Now revealed before your eyes is a bright, shining yellow moon, glittering stars like millions of tiny diamonds, backed by an unbelievable deep purple sky.

So in reality, the clouds were the perception of what you thought the night to be, according to the surface information before you. There was nothing but a thin, misty veil covering the beauty of the moon and stars and the unique color of the sky. When the clouds began to be removed from your eyes, you entered into the actual night in all its glory, which was simply hidden from you. So, things never are quite as they seem, are they?

But even more than this, the moon and stars are a beautiful reflection of the sun, which gives them the light to admire their beauty. Such is the Kingdom of God. Hidden behind the drifting clouds of man’s religious mindsets and rituals, and what may sometimes seem as overwhelming odds in life, there exists the reality of a beautiful shining Light called ‘Christ’. The warm wind that blows the thin veil of clouds away to reveal Him is the Holy Spirit.

Beloved, cloudy days may come our way, but remember that we were made to be the reflection of the moon, the stars and the bright shining sun. We are children of the Most High God! Remember that Christ is right in the midst of your situation, for He is the author and finisher of your faith, taking you from faith to faith, to unveil and reveal the next level of glory, “…till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.” Ephesians 4:13. Never forget the we, beloved are the reflection of our loving Creator, who made us to shine in the beauty of His Holiness, and the Light of His ever-present Love. Children of the Most High, created in His Image and Likeness; His reflection in the earth.

We must learn to look beyond what we see, for there is a kingdom of peace, joy and love awaiting our attention. All this is ours if we would only believe the words of our loving Savior which are recorded in the inspired scriptures and realize that Jesus never came here to establish another religious belief, but a simple, intimate one on one relationship with the Father of life. We must learn to take time out from our hectic roles as hu-man beings, quiet our spirits and listen to that still small voice, of our Creator wants to speak His wonderful words of life, health and prosperity into our being, into the very womb of our soul, for He has much to say, for this world in all its agony needs to hear it.

We have so much to be grateful for. He has given us His Son, His Spirit, His Kingdom and eternal life. What more could we possibly want, if we would only learn to function in it? Think of the enormous change that would come if we could truly understand and believe what He has said and what He has done for all of mankind. Let’s pray for the bleeding in heart, the broken in body and the wounded in spirit. Matthew 2:18 states, “In Rama was there a voice heard, lamentation and weeping and great mourning. Rachel weeping for her children and would not be comforted because they are not.” This is the heart of our loving God.

The winds of change are upon us now, and the old earth is passing away with a great noise. Not only around us, but also within us. There is a new life that awaits those that will enter in now. Seek to know Him, to trust Him and to love Him now more than ever! It may seem like this old world is falling apart everywhere you look. The good news is that it is! For a new day and a new world is getting ready to emerge out the darkness of devastation and hardship that mankind is now experiencing in the page of human history! While this troubled world is looking for hope and solutions for the trials of what is upon us and even while the people of God are distracted by religion and looking for bible events in a historical way, there are those who discern the times and see the world events taking place through spiritual eyes. The spiritual and the natural were created to stand side by side in the harmony of God’s Spirit, both now and forever more. This is the Kingdom of Heaven; this is the Kingdom of God. Be encouraged today in knowing this reality and truth. His Truth is the first and final authority in everything.

May you walk in the Light of the Son; realize peace that has always been. Precious and beautiful child of the Living God, live forever in the dance of eternity!

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