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The Basic Principles

Updated: May 21, 2019

Paul the apostle taught us that when we commit to walk in the awareness or ways of the Spiritual Life that is in Christ Jesus, we will not walk in guilt or shame, fear nor blame, but that we could have a life that is full of loving expression of the Truth of life because the ways of the Spirit of life which are in Jesus Christ are active in us and not dormant through our ignorance of spiritual things that free us from the laws and mindsets that engage the principles that eventually lead to death. And it is, to be in a state of being and a perception of only being concerned with and governed by our human weaknesses and emotions that will lead to sickness and disease and heartache, that will eventually lead to mortality. In other words, if we only think upon the earthly plane, the physical and material, we cannot fully connect with our spiritual side and our spiritual side is who we really are.

Our Creator wants to be so much a part of our daily lives that He wants us to go to Him about every aspect of our lives, so that we can get the answers to the questions so many are asking today; ‘Who am I, why am I here, where did I come from, do I exist after this, and if so, where do I go?’ Our Creator made us to be in harmony within our own spirit, soul and body, that can only begin by being in harmony with Him. When we ask Him to come to us and offer our lives to Him, we begin to realize that we are a being inside of a body and not just a ‘body being’. The real person we are is inside. But just like anything else in this life, it is a process of time and correction and learning. We come as little children, knowing very little, but then as we grow into the teenage years, we have learned more and as we mature into adulthood, we have learned wisdom and understanding by he things we have gone through and hopefully have learned from.

When we were children, we talked like children, we understood like children; but as we matured, we put away our toys and now as adults, we find that we are still as children, because we still go through situations and circumstances that make us wiser though experience. Our Creator made us to be people of growth. The greatest thing that could learn as human beings is how to love others and we find that there is satisfaction in that.

If you read any of Paul's writings, he explains that as we grow spiritually (because we are spiritual beings that live in a natural body) and the things that we have believed as to how God is and how He works, and why He does the things He does, we, on our spiritual journey, must grow in Him from some of the basic truths and grow into a place with Him, where we become more intimate with Him and learn more about the reality of Truth that is found in Him. That's His desire for us.

He has selected certain individuals that are here to teach us and to encourage us so that we can grow and be a living example of how Christ loves all of us and what we can do to reach others so that they may also experience that love and hope and change for the better which only He can give.

The regeneration of your mind and discovering your true nature, is the ultimate goal of the believer; and end of your journey from a lower or human nature, to a higher or renovated nature. So you see, it’s not what you do that makes you holy; it is what you become and what you are that makes you holy; the righteousness of God; a state of divine being; a divine nature which was the primal state of mankind. This is God's plan.

There is a going on with God. The going on is in you. The healing is in you; the liberation that Our Creator gives is in you; salvation is in you by the seed of God, Jesus Christ. He is the Word and we are His offspring; sons and daughters who are going to imitate, not scripture, but the Word that brought forth scripture. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was not alone. You are spirit and you were there. Just as flesh begets flesh, so will Spirit bring forth its own likeness and it own kind.

We have been sent into this earth to be the example of our Father. Not just to heal the sick, cleanse the leper or raise the dead. Jesus did much more than this. He was the very example, to show the people of that day what His Father was like.

God has a generation right now in the earth that will not have to declare itself to be a seed of God, for the very Spirit of God shall declare it before all the universe. When you come into the Kingdom of God through Jesus Christ, you embark on a new adventure in life. You begin to focus your vision beyond what you see because you know that something else is there. You begin to be aware of a new way of thinking and believing. You should begin to experience spiritual encounters with God’s messengers and go beyond what does not seem possible and into a realm of all possibilities. A new peace should overtake you! A new joy. An experience! A new hope!

Now in the midst if trouble comes, God is going to take care of you! He watches over you like a loving Father; a father who wants the best for His own. A Father who wants His children to be happy and at peace, and it gives Him great joy when He sees His precious children prosper, walk in Divine health, even as their inner man prospers, and as His child grows spiritually, takes on the very Image and Likeness, the very character and personality of its Father, that He may say, “This is my beloved child, in whom I am well pleased.”

If disease should show up, it cannot be where Jesus is living! If financial problems come, they cannot stay where the King of creation abides! He is the lifter of our head! You are no longer in the kingdom of this world, but in the supernatural, miracle occurring Kingdom of the Most-High God! Greater, much greater is He, the Seed of God within you, than any situation or circumstance that can come your way! Look to the hills from where your help comes from, for your help comes from the Father of Lights where there is neither variableness nor shadow of turning, for He is the same yesterday, today and forever more! His ways do not change. He will always be there for you. He is our refuge and strength, a very present help in time of trouble.

If we have Jesus in our lives through the inspiration of His Holy Spirit, we should now be on a journey into the supernatural realm of the spiritual world and its ways. Old ways of doing things and old ways of thinking and desires must change because all that is being passed out of our human life. We are being awakened into a dimension of existence that those around us in the material world are not aware of; the transformation that is taking place inside of our being.

In Him we live and move and have our being. We are as much in His Mind and Body as much as He is in ours. The Greater One now indwells you and greater is the Christ that is inside your mind, emotions and body than he that is in the world. We are admonished by Paul to have the confidence and the ways of thinking that only Christ can give. It is the transition into holiness, purity and light and is never easy when the only ways we had known before were the ways of materialism, self, and ignorance of spiritual things.

It’s almost frightening as well as astounding and miraculous when we, all of a sudden realize that we can no longer go our own way. There is a way now that must be taken and that there is no turning back because we belong to the Creator of the universe and are now being led into the unknown territory of His will and purpose. We have been ‘translated’ from the dominion and kingdom of this world and its ways, into the dominion of His Spirit and Kingdom of His ways. We have been positioned into a place of His own children and inheritance He has waiting for us. We have been reconciled through the supreme sacrifice of the body, the shedding of the blood and the giving of the Spirit of His Holy Son, Jesus the Christ.

Our journey is one of awakening back to our true identity, which is the Image and Likeness of God. We are to have His ways and be like Him on this earth. The Holy Spirit of Christ has begun His work in you; taking you from the weakness and frailty of your human existence into the very power and dominion of His Eternal Kingdom. He is the Alpha and Omega; the author and finisher of your faith. He is the author of every situation and circumstance to take you from the realm of faith you’re in at this present time, to finish it so that it becomes wisdom and understanding, so that He may take you on to the next realm of faith, for we all go from faith to faith, until we call come into the unity of the Spirit of total Faith in Him; when two shall become One; one in His Ways; one in His Love; one in His power and might! When the outer man shall be overtaken by the Inner Man called Christ who now lives in us through a personal relationship with Him; in the twinkling of an eye; in the awakening of your understanding into a new realm of faith and power!

There is a rest for God’s people in knowing that He is in control of our very lives and trusting that all things work together for (our) good, according to His purpose and reason for our being here; to glorify Him.

As believers our walk with Jesus Christ is much more than gifts, miracles, or displays of power to satisfy the flesh. It is much more than looking for Jesus to arrive in the sky with “myriads” of angels. It is the sacred journey of the soul back to the image and likeness of the man or woman that God created according to His desire. Its rather sad to think how the Truth spoken in the scriptures has been ‘watered’ down and adulterated to fit human concept and comprehension, when there is a great wealth of hidden treasures about who we, as children of God really are, and the life we are to live while here on planet earth.

This ministry believes that there is a people who are tired of hearing ‘sermons’ and are wondering if there is more than what is being taught in mainstream Christian religion today. I say ‘Christian’ religion because what should be a personality, a character and life style, has been turned into exactly that...religion. There are those individuals who are looking for some real answers about why certain things happen in their lives, why they are here, and what is ‘eternal life’ really about?

In reality we are groaning and waiting for that glorious day of release when the Lord comes in the ‘air’. By the way, if you study out the word ‘air’ you may be surprised to find that it means spirit, rational or immortal soul, renovated or higher nature, the very breath of God. We shall be ‘caught up’ together with them in the clouds, because we are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses. The great people of faith are mentioned in that cloud. Great faith that did not deter them from who they knew they were and what they were put on the earth to do. This great faith is the kind of faith that lies within all of us to know our God and to do great and mighty exploits! The point being conveyed here is that nowhere in the scriptures does it state that Christ outside of you coming in the sky is our hope of glory, but Christ in you, that, is our hope of Glory! The reality is that the scriptures are not just about people and events. If that’s the case, then this makes the bible a history book with nothing but information and events that happened many years ago in a foreign land, or something happening in the future. In reality the scriptures are about the lost identity of the actual image and likeness of God’s crown! The scriptures talk about ‘tribulation’. We have been taught that this is something that comes upon unbelievers and is accompanied by world-wide catastrophic events. That is so, just look around you. But it seems that few have understood it as a time of transformation that an individual must pass through. It is a place of unbelief within our own soul and mind. It is the road traveled to glorification; the unveiling of Christ's ways in you.

“Father God help me to recognize your Presence lying hidden behind the mask of my self-conscious personality. Help me find your deeper Being; to function consciously in the world of Truth in which it dwells. Let it inspire my daily life and transform my personality. For this is my purpose for living. Amen.”

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