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Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Oh, great Divine Being of Light we call God.

As we, through heart felt worship and gratitude, emerge ourselves into your Divine Light and as the natural becomes a fading shadow of surrealism and self perceived fantasy of all things within and without, we find the imaginary self in a place of overwhelming humility and helpless abandon.

Oh, that we could find that place of total submergence into your Golden liquid Love and totality of Being, to know You and to love You as we are known and loved by You. To see You as You are so we can see the reality of Truth.

Holy One, Beloved One, Divine and Totality of all that is, our expression is not enough, so we offer you our lives. But anything offered is not complete, so we just come as we are, until we become One. Love and gratitude we offer at your precious Throne of Grace. Amen

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