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Kingdom Light/Heaven and Earth

There is a void, an empty space, a subconscious, inherent, inborn longing found deep within the heart, within the very core of every human being on the face of planet Earth. It lies beyond the senses. We have all experienced it at one time or another. It cannot be explained. It just seems to show up. There are times when we may feel like a fish out of water and we don't know why; like we're missing something and feeling that there has to be more to this life; something we don't know how to look for, much less find. In a quick moment of reality, we wonder: "Am I all that I seem to be? Who am I really? What am I doing here, why am I here, do I continue after all this, or do I just cease to exist; is this all there is and if so, what's the use in being alive?" So what would be the point of existing at all, if there is nowhere to go after this and no reason for being here?

The fact is that there is a Supreme Being that exists beyond the senses and beyond hu-man comprehension. Author Napoleon Hill described this Supreme Being as "Infinite Intelligence", which is a comprehensive description for the One who created all things. After all, scientists have proven that the human mind is only capable of a mere 10% or so of the whole. So how could anyone say that this Supreme Being does, or does not exist? This all powerful, all knowing Being created the universe, all things in it and more amazingly, is in control of it 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (as we know them), as well as all forms of life on planet earth, including 7.8 million species. Scientists say that there is still too much that is unknown to catalogue all life. To think that all these things 'just happen' and that there is no special reason for being on this planet and that when this body dies, you simply stop existing, is ludicrous.

There is a reason for the universe, your life and also a reason why you are here. But first you must recognize that there is a Supreme Being and that if you accept that fact, believe and receive the works and the teachings left behind by the awesome Being who condescended Himself to manifest in the form of a man, in order to reach us on the human level, to teach us how to connect with Him and to find out why He has done all this and who you were before you came here, and where you go when you leave this material realm. Our Creator came in the form of a son into this material realm and is father in the unseen realm in order for us to understand His authority. The most awesome and wonderful part of all this, is that this unconditional loving Being wants to have a connection, a personal relationship with each and every 'hu-man be-ing' on planet earth.

Well, if that is the case, then why is this world and it's inhabitants in such a sad state of affairs? The first thing is that many do not believe in His existence, do not understand the reality and the truth about the love, the relationship and the total freedom He offers, simply because His Truth has been watered down by man's religious sects, beliefs and traditions. Man made religion has nothing to do with it. The expansion of spirit has to be awakened within you. When He appeared in the form of the Son, He came for one thing only; redemption; opening awareness to the spiritual side of who we are, so that we could have a personal relationship with Him, the mind expansion, the enlightenment to communicate and even hear His instruction and guidance on a personal level.

There is also a silent desire within every hu-man be-ing to love something or someone outside of themselves and to be loved in return, or to worship something. Some worship athletes, entertainers...and the list goes on. No matter what color, race or creed, or where or who we are in life, even if we seem to have the world and all of it's riches, still end up eventually with the same inner longing that cannot be explained, all still missing something in our lives. Where did all the natural desire and need to worship originate; this internal soul searching? There must be a reason and design for the universe and creation; it must have an origin; a source. This silent search for reality obviously implies that something is lost. Therefore the very nature of man's soul search is clear that something he previously possessed is missing. There is only one way that this silent, empty place rooted deep inside can be filled. And that is a one-on-one relationship with the Source, the Creator of the universe.

The bottom line is that this wonderful Being is all about one thing; Love. Ask this question; how would we know love or about love, if love didn't exist in the first place? Is it a figment of man's imagination, a 'pipe dream'? Not so, for if it were, why has it been since the beginning of time, that the hu-man be-ing instinctively craves it and why ultimately, is it the answer to all the problems in life? It is more than a song or a feeling. It is the way of life. It is the life that our loving Creator meant for us to have in the first place. Love can bring tears of joy or tears of sadness and even tears of healing! It can move mountains! It holds the very mysteries of life!

It's sad to think that some may live their entire lives not knowing and experiencing what love really is and it's true purpose. We have but a very short span here on this earth (a tiny parenthesis if you will) and if we could realize how short it actually is, and how we waste it, we would surely live a different life style and therefore live a more peaceful and happy life here. It's high time that we learn to grow beyond our self-centered, egotistical and weak human frailties and begin to love one another before we come to the time when we leave this mortal life with regret. We've all heard that old saying: "Well, you can't take it with you.". Well, you do. You take your memories with you. I have a question for you. What memories will you take with you when you go? Will they be good memories, loving memories, or will they be negative and full of forgiveness and regret? Its all up to you. Our Creator has put this power in your hands. You must be the one to choose. Your are the one who holds the key to fear and love. How are you going to use it? Make good memories. Try to make each moment and each relationship count. Try to make a difference in someone's life and your life here and even your physical well being will begin to improve. Stop wasting your limited but valuable time engaging your thoughts and emotions on the meaningless. Let them fade into the nothingness that they truly are, for they are figment of their own fantasy; for it is thoughts and attitudes that control our very lives. Change your thoughts and your attitudes will change.

There is an old Native American story that says it all. There was a young brave sitting with his grandfather. The young man not saying anything, was just sitting there deep in thought. The grandfather noticed and asked, "What is wrong my son?" The young man said, "I'm very troubled grandfather." "What about my son?" The young man answered, "I have been having dreams that I do not understand. I dream of 2 wolves. One is a black wolf and the other is a white wolf. They are always fighting to devour one another and it seems that the dream has no outcome. What could it be grandfather?" The grandfather lovingly turned to the grandson and said: "There is a battle going on inside of you grandson. The white wolf represents all that is good and what is right that will bring you joy and peace. The black wolf represents all that is evil and bad and will bring grief and fear into your life." The young man asked, "Before the battle is over between them I always wake up. Which one wins grandfather?" The grandfather sat there for a moment, turned to his grandson and said, "The one you feed my son." Enough said.

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