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Faith; Believing

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Rom 4: 13 -17. So if it is by faith, then it is also an act of grace on God’s part. God called Abraham out of the land of Ur, the land of the Chaldeans; heathen worshipers. Whereas the Chaldeans worshiped cows, the moon, stars, etc… worshiping things they could see, now comes the invisible God who told Him that I am the only God, and now Abraham is to worship a God he cannot see with his human eyes, or smell or touch; not in burning incense, or other things to encourage that this is a holy thing and that something is there; all carnal inclinations.

The bible says that they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth. Now he must no longer see it to believe it, he must believe it to see it. In other words, faith and trust. We must believe what God said in the bible which is our training manual and source of information. But there must be a personal encounter and walk with God in order to understand this manual and have God speak to us though it and also God speak to us on a personal level when He speaks to your heart. No longer trusting in our senses, but trusting in a personal word from God, longer trusting in the ways of Egypt and depending on Pharaoh and living the life of a slave. But we are so stuck on the side of the flesh ways of doing things, it takes an act of God to rip us away from that t o get us to shift and transition over in order to operate in the unseen spiritual world, where all things exist in the state of their full potential. We are children on the way to Canaan; we are the children in the wilderness (mid bar) where the great Shepherd of our souls is leading us by a cloud by day and a fire by night.

Deuteronomy 7:1 – things against the ways of the kingdom of God; family, morality, those in authority; strongholds in our lives and the things within us.

Luke 4:5 (Adam gave him the right for Adam was in authority over the earth). Revelation 11: 15 – it is a battle of influence (what are we influenced by), dominion, lordship of power (what and who are ruling over you) and territory (where are you at in your life); what are you putting your faith in? Eccl 2: 26 – Prov 13: 22 – Mathew 11:12.

We are always waiting on God, (but God has given us the power of His Spirit through His Son Jesus Christ), so God is waiting on us. Satan has fooled the believer by using religion to keep God’s people with a poverty mentality because he knows he knows the power of money; and he knows if God’s people take it over, they can influence the world. Money is only one facet of power; wisdom is the principal thing according to proverbs.

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