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Encouragement and Truth

Encouragement and Truth

The Eternal Christ, who was manifested on earth in human form in the body of Jesus from Nazareth, came here to earth to encourage, to teach the truth about life and how to live it to the fullest. He was not one to mix words and always spoke to the point. He taught about the mysteries of reality and truth. Truth of the way things are supposed to be, the way things really are and the only way that mankind is going to be truly and completely free. The Living Christ, the Creator and the Infinite Intelligence we call 'God', manifested in human form to speak to us and teach us at the human level. But He proved everything He said by manifestation to confirm that everything He said was true. So there is another way, the original way, the right and real way that mankind is supposed to think, and and be, because that's the way man was, is and is always supposed to be because that's the way he was created.

So you see, that we see as 'mankind' today is not 'mankind' as far as God's meaning of it, but a "fallen nature"; a false identity which creates the life and existence he experiences. That's the reason why we, as human be-ings always feel like something is missing;miserable and uncomfortable many times, not really knowing why. That is because we are not functioning in our true environment, which in reality is divine in nature. We are spiritual be-ings living in a physical body.

We blame God for the way things are and the way we are in life and in this world, but we don't realize that all this, is because we are the ones who created these things in the first place and now we're paying the price for it, because the creative law set up in the universe that doesn't change; that everything reproduces after it's own kind, whose see exists within itself. And those seeds are thoughts and desires and actions that produce the fruit of those thoughts and desires; whether good or evil.

Where is the hope for us? It is found in a personal relationship with Christ. He came to pay the price for the restoration of this for the world. He came to pay the price for all of mankind by dying a hideous death on a cross, but resurrected in awesome power to complete the work of redemption for us all. He paid the price; it is free and all we have to do is ask Him for it. What awesome love.

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