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Eden: The Joining Place of Heaven and Earth

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

Eden was the joining place of heaven and earth. Everything existed in the state of it's own perfection. It was not considered good or evil. It was beyond separation and category, as is God, and God remains that way always. Th's the way He always was and always is. He never changes.

As it was within that realm of time, it is the same today.Adam walked and talked with God in the 'cool of the day' (the flow of the Spirit) and could commune with God just like Jesus did during His time here on earth. How is that? Because God lives in your heart and mind; within the realm of your own existence, your being. Mankind, through the ages had lost this joint connection with the Almighty because of the fall of his mind into a realm of a lower consciousness which is beast like in nature. Look around you; this is the nature of the beast that the apostle Paul spoke of in I Corinthians 13:32 and is mentioned in the Book of Revelation.

You are being. The things, situations and circumstances that occur in your life are simply procedure for your journey, and in that journey, as you obey the Word of God, whether it is something that He shows you in the inspired writings, or whatever He inspires inside of you, as you obey, your soul is sanctified and your destination in God fulfills itself. I Corinthians 3:17 states, "But we all, with open face beholding as in a mirror, the Glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord." So you see, it is not in a religious mindset or attitude, but it is as to why you are on this planet and what has been programmed into your being before being before you came here, that you're supposed to search for, discover and function in. In religious order, we think that things we ask for are going to fall out of the sky. They do, but not in the way religious thinking would have it. We know that all things come from God. But remember the laws of the universe that He has set up; every action has a re-action. Example; every seed has the capability in it to produce a harvest.

So now, lets talk about how this fits in the Kingdom of God and its principles. Corinthian 4:20 states,"For the Kingdom of God is not in word, but in power." Its not in just talking about it; it comes with the empowerment that has been placed inside of us with its provision, its authority, its rights and privileges. We are told by the King that this Kingdom with all its provision is within you. So you have all that is required to fulfill your destiny. If you are a believer, there is a journey of discovery that you should be on. This is the only thing in your life that is going to make you feel fulfilled, at peace and prosperous in all areas of your life. There is no other pathway to peace and fulfillment.

We are living in the dispensation of time when we can no longer take God and His principles and mandates for granted. This is the hour when true believer should be serious about their walk. Whey say that talk is cheap and it is. We can quote the bible backwards bit that doesn't mean anything if we don't abide by what God has placed in it. We no longer can can be casual inquirers' quoting pious platitudes and showing off how much we think we know and the rest of the time, living and thinking like the world and it's fallen nature and reprobate consciousness and make excuses as to why we are not being obedient.

We are to be God's example of love, mercy and grace and the only way we are going to understand what these things really mean, is to connect to the Source, make it our way of life, so that we can realize the paradigm shift that is to take place as we endeavor to seek after, worship, obey and respect this pure, Holy and sovereign God that we have heard so much, that we have taken Him and what He is for granted. We call Him Father, but pay Him no honor in obedience. We're capable to do all things through Christ who gives you the strength; and why would you need the strength if there was nothing for you to do on your part? The universal law of God is that everything reproduces after it's own kind, who's seed is within itself. Within you and I, is the seed of greatness and everything we require comes to us by planting seed and receiving a harvest. Deuteronomy 8:18 states, "But you shall remember the Lord you God; for it is He that gives the power to get wealth, they He may establish His Covenant which He swore to your fathers, as it is this day."

There's a giant sleeping inside you and I and that giant is the Mind of Christ; the Word; the manifestation of the Divine idea or thought from the Father of the universe. When we obligate ourselves to endeavor to do something in accordance to the inspired writings, it also obligates God to give us what we need to fulfill whatever is commanded or inspired by His Spirit and God cannot fail! One thing we can be assured of is that when Jesus said, "It is finished" that's what He meant. That would also mean that everything you need for your journey is already in the supernatural realm waiting to serve you and to manifest itself in your life at the right time. It's your responsibility to get there at the right time by your obedience.

We gather in church meetings to learn to grow up in the things of God. We can't just show up and hear the Word and not do anything with it (because that keeps us believing in an abstract God). It has to be known and practiced so that it can become a mind set; a lifestyle. If you do that, you can work on a level that is superior to any circumstance of situation that would come your way. We need to grow up to have power over the forces of darkness (negative energy and influence).

We are heirs and joint heirs with Christ but an heir as long as he is a child, is not any different than a servant, though he be lord of all. We remain what the bible calls tutors and governors until the right time to take on more, when we mature in the things of God.

It's time that we grow up in God and take this walk and this life in Christ seriously. The quality of your intake determines the strength of your output. When we make the decision to obligate ourselves to engage the principles that produce life, then God obligated Himself to make sure they happen.

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